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300Mbps Wireless WIFI Repeater

300Mbps Wireless WIFI Repeater

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300Mbps Wireless WIFI Repeater 2023


WIFI Repeaters are used to increase the coverage and improve the service of an existing wireless network.


This 300Mbps Wireless WIFI Repeater leverages 802.11N technology to extend and increase your existing network's reach up to 300Mbps. A straightforward setup process gives you enhanced connectivity in areas that were once difficult to access. Enjoy fast, reliable access to the internet in even the furthest corners of your home or office, with speeds up to 300Mbps. You'll be able to stream movies, play games, and surf the web like never before.

This repeater is equipped with the 802.11n Wifi standard, delivering up to 300 Mbps in ideal conditions. In areas with suboptimal signal, it amplifies existing Wifi coverage and provides a stronger connection. A remote control is also included for remote operation It's an ideal solution for homes with several wireless devices or as a backup for larger areas with weak signals. Regardless, you're sure to experience a more reliable connection and improved availability.

Norme Wifi 11N: Respecte les normes N, offrant un débit maximal de 300 Mbps. Débit de données: Jusqu'à 300 Mbps pour améliorer la distance et les performances. Technologie de répéteur: Répéteur qui capture et amplifie le signal Wifi numérique de votre routeur. Avec un signal plus fort et plus fiable, vous bénéficierez de connexions sans interruption et d'une forte résistance aux interférences extérieures.

Antennes: Antennes internes et externes pour une meilleure transmission et réception du signal.

Fréquence: 2.4 GHz, la plus communément utilisée par les réseaux Wifi domestiques. Sécurité: Protocoles de sécurité Wifi, comme WPA2, intégrés.
Configuration: Logiciel/interface web pour relier le répéteur à votre réseau. The combination of dual antennas, 2.4GHz frequency, and integrated security protocols ensure a reliable and secure connection for all of your wireless devices.


This Wi-Fi Repeater utilizes 802.11n Wi-Fi standards and operates on a 2.4GHz frequency band. Its maximum LAN data rate is 300Mbps, with a single WAN and LAN port, allowing for Soho applications. It also offers WPS, firewall, and CE certification for your security. Brand-name YP ensures maximum performance.

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